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We discuus your objectives, the time frame, the amount of participants and the goals you are hoping to achieve. From this we determine how many hours we will need to get the best results.



Once we understand your intentions we begin implementing the plan. We design a musical playback (music to jam to) that fits your goals. It can be with or without a refrain (depending on the time we will have to work with your group.)



At the event we set everything up and when the people arrive we begin motivating and guiding them toward their participation in writing the song. We break up into groups, brainstorm and collect all kinds of ideas and thoughts Then we form those words into a lyrical format
We add the melody we agreed upon and that fits into the prepared playback. Then we practice together and jam



We make a professional recording of the live performance, which we later build into the music and give an mp3 to all the participants so they can enjoy the song forever.

Additionally we can have a video team film the whole experience and we can edit a version of that to share with all as well.

How It Works Virtually...

Engage your team in an interactive songwriting session, all conducted online with the Jamplan.

This musical gathering allows you to work the key message and core values with all of your team members live and together. You just pick a date and time, send out an invite, and we meet to create YOUR original song together, online! Once your team is logged in, the Jamplan run the show, first with a brain stormng, followed by collaborative lyric writing then guiding the group through chord selection, followed by the melodic implementation  of your team’s purpose or chosen theme. And the best part is….No musical experience is required!!

Lyrical ideas are collected on the virtual white board and can also be added by using the platform’s messaging features. Together the group decides and arranges the words into a final song, which is then the basis for the melody!! The playback (music) is then chosen by the team and the group has the chance to suggest melodic directions which are formed into the melody with the help of the Jamplan. Everyone then can perform the song with the group live, on-screen!

Once the session is over and the song is written the Jamplan then produce and record an mp3 version of YOUR original song and send it to everyone involved. The song is set in music forever!!

We can have a follow up virtual meeting to sing the song together and celebrate the final version and success a few days later!! The members then have the option to record and send their personal vocal take to the Jamplanvia email and we can create another mp3 mixed version with the teams vocals included.

You also have the option to record the virtual session and a video of the actual song creation can be edited into a “memorable movie” of the whole experience. You have the option to combine that video together with the final song to create another version of team collaboration with images and external video material.

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